Saturday, June 9, 2007

About Sherman Jewellery

Gustave Sherman is Canada's world renowned costume jewellery designer from the 50s and 60s. Famous for his use of high quality Swarovski crystals and brilliant color combinations he settled for nothing but the best. If it didn't "dance" then it wasn't approved. Rhinestone earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and bibs as well as his glorious crystal beads dangling and jiggling, from charming to spectacular, ready to make any outfit fabulous in a moments notice. It's not only an investment, it's a fashion statement!

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Unsigned Sherman in Archival Sherman Ad

Authentic Sherman archival jewellery Ads from the 50s and 60s prove that Sherman didn't always sign his jewellery. As seen in this original Ad showing the fabulous crystal bead necklace set. The crystal bead necklace and bracelet of this variety were never signed although often the earrings were. These particular crystal bead necklaces were identified as Sherman by the ornate hook and 6 bead extender as well as the butterfly findings as shown in the photo of the Red necklace. Note: The hook is never plain on the crystal bead necklaces. The variations include a diamond shaped jewel hook, a flower shaped hook with or without a jewel or a square shaped hook. (Vendome also has a flower hook but it looks very different). There were variations on the butterfly findings as well. (Check out the Blue Necklace).

The memory wire bracelet is identified by the graduating crystals, the 3 dangly crystals at the end, as well as the ornate spacer bar that Sherman always always used. Sherman also used tiny crystal spacer beads between the larger crystals on the coil bracelets. These bracelets are never without the tiny crystals in between. (See red bracelet).

The same style ornate spacer bars were also used near the top of his 24" double strand crystal bead necklaces to keep them sitting nicely. These necklaces were both signed and unsigned under the rosebud clasp. (More pictures to be included later).

Note: The Sherman Archival Ads are not to be reproduced without permission of Agi Gallus Vintage Jewellery.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Where is Agi selling Jewellery now?

LATEST NEWS: Unfortunately I will not be selling my Sherman jewellery at the Heritage Antique Market anymore. I am currently working full time at HOLT RENFREW (Yorkdale location) in the jewellery department which is just as fun! I am looking for clientele and would be happy to see you again at Holts!

For information and directions for the Heritage Antique Market visit the website at Heritage Antique Market at Bayview Village.

You can still contact me with any jewellery questions. Please click on Jewels...Happy jewellery hunting!

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Who's Wearing Agi Gallus Vintage Jewellery?

Look for Michelle Pfeiffer in the new film Hairspray as she dazzles in a deep pink Swarovski crystal triple strand necklace and bracelet set stamped by the American designer Vogue.
Simply WOW!

About Me

Actress and vintage collector Agi Gallus is Toronto's Sherman expert. Her carefully selected collection offers a brilliant array of authentic vintage designer costume jewellery from the '50s and '60s specializing in the highly popular creations of world renowned Canadian designer Gustave Sherman.

From the simple to the sensational, this beautiful collection boasts rich colours and unique designs. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuffs and one of a kind treasures from Sherman as well as other highly desirable designers such as Hobe, Hollycraft, Eisenberg, Juliana, Dior and vintage Swarovski.

Whether you choose to wear yours casually with a pair of jeans or to accessorize a more glamorous evening, Agi's jewellery is guaranteed to make a dramatic statement!

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